Phases of Alcohol Addiction Therapy

Every alcohol rehab facility aims to help people achieve abstinence or at least a substantial restriction of alcohol consumption in the long term. Compared to other diseases, the treatment of addictions is always tedious. Acute therapy is usually followed by a rehab plan that helps those living without alcohol.

Phases of therapy

Alcohol addiction therapy can be divided into four phases:

  • Contact phase: Counseling and medical examinations are in the foreground here. Those affected must recognize the alcohol problem themselves and find an inner motivation for the therapy.
  • Withdrawal phase or reduction phase: To achieve abstinence, those affected must first be weaned from alcohol as part of their withdrawal plan. To intervene in case of withdrawal symptoms, this phase usually takes place in the hospital. If the person does not (yet) want to withdraw, a medically controlled reduction in the amount of use is possible.
  • Weaning phase (rehab): After the person finishes their acute detoxification, he or she must understand that further hurdles must be dealt with. Specialized clinics help the affected cope with alcohol again in everyday life (usually on an outpatient or inpatient basis). This phase can take several months.
  • Aftercare phase: A return to everyday life is always difficult for those affected. They often find themselves confronted with their past fears and problems. Regular discussions in addiction nurses, specialist doctors, counseling centers or self-help groups can help provide the motivation necessary to abstain from using.

Understanding addiction

According to international criteria, an addiction exists if three of the following apply:

  • Strong desire for alcohol
  • No control over the amount of alcohol consumed
  • Withdrawal symptoms occur when no alcohol is drunk
  • The amount of alcohol consumed increases continuously (tolerance development)
  • Alcohol is the focus, while other interests are neglected
  • Despite negative consequences, users do not stop drinking

Rehab with alcohol addiction

In the case of alcohol addiction, rehab refers to outpatient or inpatient care during the weaning phase. It usually lasts between 8 and 16 weeks. When choosing a clinic, you should pay attention to your individual needs. There are rehabilitation clinics where you can undertake pre-employment measures and receive extensive support in occupational reintegration.

Other clinics offer extensive creative and musical activities, sports activities or alternative healing methods that support the person’s therapy. To learn more, find this link.