My Back Pain Lead to Job Loss and Almost Rehab for My Reliance on Pain Pills

Pain is not your friend. I used to refer to pain as an old friend that visited when he was not welcome. I had gotten so used to my back pain that I was embracing it trying to do my best to keep functioning as normally as I could. I have lost my job and have lost touch with friends and family because my back hurts. That is all people would hear from me. They could not see any injury, nor could they feel the constant unrelenting agonizing pain. It was not until I met a Sacramento chiropractor that a friend who used to suffer with back pain referred me to that I got any lasting relief.

I had received pills and offers for surgery from many doctors. Then the surgeons would quote me the success rates, and it made no sense to even try surgery, especially when they said the pain could get worse. I finally found someone who could deal with the nerve issues that were the source of the pain, and could help me retrain myself to no longer keep that pain loop going. Back pain is a funny animal. It bites you, then your mind keeps replaying a loop of that bite over and over again. You have to get the pain animal to loosen its jaws and let you go, but then your brain has to stop playing it back as a live experience over and over again.

It took a few treatments and adjustments to get healing to begin. Then it took therapy for a couple of months to get the pain to stay at bay. I also discovered that I was quite reliant on the pain pills from other doctors. I actually had some withdrawal symptoms to deal with. I did not need rehab, but it was close. Now I am not on any pain pills except for the occasional ibuprofen when I overdo something.