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Five Reasons You Should Take Nutritional Supplements A lot of people wonder why they should take nutritional supplements. The health and wellness sector is one of the fastest growing industries today. There are also many different types of nutritional products that have come into the fold at the present time. Today, nutritional supplements are more widely used than any other time in history. Amino acids, mineral salts, enzymes, herbs, multi vitamins, fatty acids and Omegas are among many dietary supplements available. 5 reasons why you need to take nutritional supplements are explained in this article. Nutrient depletion in the soil Almost all world areas have been cultivated without permitting natural replenishment of nutrients in the soil. The soil has experienced a diminished amount of essential nutrients, thanks to modern farming methods. Agriculturally, plants depend on soil elements for required minerals that are responsible for formation of crucial vitamins. Crops don’t get the needed vitamins without these minerals and in turn you miss out on them too if you feed on the plant.
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Modern fertilizers don’t contain enough trace elements
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In the earlier days, manure was extensively utilized as a plant fertilizer. Today, manures have largely been replaced by superphosphate fertilizers. Sadly, they comprise of only nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. The meaning of this is that they lack in numerous other nutrients naturally existent in manure. Unhealthy lifestyle habits In this time and age, the use of cigarettes and alcohol has almost become a normal lifestyle. If you smoke heavily and drink excessively, your health automatically deteriorates. You may be on pills, pregnant or staying in a polluted place. All these situations are bound to easily increase your dietary needs. Excessive drinking and smoking heavily depletes vitamin C in your body. Coffee consumption can also decrease your iron absorption rate by up to one third of the normal. Modern-day handling of food products Nowadays, food nutrient levels are severely depleted by commercial harvesting, shipping, processing, storage and preservation. Hence, if you are eating food that is not direct from the plant itself, then most probably it is a different species of the same food product. A countable variety of compounds are added to foods throughout these processes, which subsequently elevate your body’s demand for nutrients. Some of these compounds include saccharine, nutrasweet, MSG, colorings and splenda. They are considered destructive synthetic derivatives. Exercise increases nutrient needs Regular exercise is prescribed for you to get rid of excess fats from your body and to keep fit. However, when you exercise regularly, you consume more oxygen and in turn use more nutrients than normal. Therefore if you are an athlete or just a devoted sportsperson who regularly exercises, you need to begin a dietary supplement program today.